West Century IT Solutions only works with the best products in the market. We know there are many options out there, and we have chosen to specialize in a few of the top brands to provide you with the best and most reliable equipment in the business.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

High-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users, and data from continually evolving threats. Our broad portfolio of top-rated solutions and centralized management enables security consolidation and delivers a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.


  • Better security through integration. Our innovative, integrated solutions protect against blended threats better than individual point products.
  • Real-time security updates. Comprehensive security subscription updates are automatically pushed out to customers as soon as they become available, providing much faster and better protection than the competition.
  • Simplified, intelligent management and reporting. Easy-to-use GUI and exceptional analytical tools simplify security provisioning, operation and maintenance.


  • Multi-threat security systems ensure complete content protection in real time without performance degradation.
  • Network and application transparency. Systems are non-disruptive to operational networks or applications.
  • System and network availability. Multiple methods of resiliency ensure network and system up-time.

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Simplified installation and deployment
  • Easy and cost effective to install, operate and maintain
  • Scalable solutions
  • No complex licensing and no seat licenses
  • Unified, system-based licensing provides the most cost effective and efficient way to purchase, deploy and maintain.
Fortinet Authorized Partner


The Poly family of video conferencing solutions deliver radical simplicity in a small and elegant package. Now you can huddle happy in smaller rooms and connect easy in conference rooms whatever video collaboration software you use. Experience full board-room quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and wireless content sharing that you can fling your content onto in seconds, all miniaturized into one sleek bar. So say good bye to pucks, cords, and cables. Zoom Rooms built-in means deployment is simpler and users can keep their laptops to themselves. Easy to install, easy to manage—and best of all, easy to use.


Familiar user interface, a smart camera that they never need to adjust, fast content sharing and a system that just works.

Amazing Audio Quality

Poly's legendary audio, with crisp, room-filling sound made possible by an innovative acoustic chamber design.

Native Apps

Supports native applications from many leading cloud video providers like ike Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoToRoom.

No Distractions

Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology silence background noise and outside voices from interrupting your meeting.

Visually Appealing

Fewer cables, less clutter, and more ability to focus.


Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi

We strive to provide our customers with the best and most reliable devices in the business for your Wi-Fi network.

Don’t settle for anything less than our revolutionary, feature-rich Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi systems that combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management controller for clear and intuitive installation and management.

Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management

UniFi® is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines
enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a
central management controller.

Easily accessible through any standard web browser and the UniFi app (iOS or Android™), use the UniFi Controller software to quickly configure and administer an enterprise Wi-Fi network – no special training required. RF map and performance features, real-time status, automatic UAP device detection, and advanced security options are all seamlessly integrated.

Extend Your Coverage

With the UniFi Controller software running in a NOC or in the cloud, administrators can manage multiple sites: multiple, distributed deployments and multi-tenancy for managed service providers.

UniFi Controller

  • Feature packed
  • View your RF environment
  • Powerful RF Performance Features
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Wireless Uplink
  • Guest Portal/Hotspot Support
  • Multi-Site Management
  • WLAN Groups

Servers and Workstations

West Century IT Solutions offers the latest generation solutions in custom built brand-name servers and workstations for businesses and home offices. Don’t let technology slow you down, upgrade today!

As businesses undertake initiatives such as connected devices, analytics-driven business processes, social media–focused marketing, and mobile-first user experience in the quest to drive superior business outcomes, they need IT as a trusted partner to deliver a superior service experience.

Internal and external customers often demand stringent and consistent service quality, which in theory should be easy to deliver with the right infrastructure in place. In reality, however, many IT organizations struggle on this front. One of the key culprits is an aging infrastructure that continues to grow in scale and complexity as more and more applications are piled on it. Updating systems on a regular refresh cadence can keep organizations on the leading edge of technology.

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